Financial Success Stories


“I would love to send out a big shout out to our amazing mortgage broker and financial coach Julie Leduc. We finally did the switch from the Caisse to a broker and couldn’t be happier with the results and options. If you’re looking into a mortgage or a re-finance or simply have questions, she comes highly recommended.” G.L. & M.P.


Great feedback from clients regarding OUR MORTGAGE PROFESSIONAL Our dealings with Julie were always very pleasant. She constantly provided excellent customer service, answered all our questions in terms we understood, as well as kept us informed on the ever changing market, and did so in respect to our financial situation. We are looking to a continuous business relationship with Julie. Sincerely, JN R


I am writing to recommend the services of Julie Leduc, Mortgage Agent, The Mortgage Advisors. I recently had the pleasure of doing business with Julie and found her to be an efficient, organized, professional with extensive knowledge on finances, particularly with mortgages. She is very thorough and is always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and to respond to my concerns and questions. I am happy to say that I have obtained a mortgage from her at a very good interest rate and I would recommend her to anyone seeking the services of a mortgage broker. Sincerely, ML


April 2015 Mortgage Broker Beyond compare! I am very very impressed with the work of my mortgage broker Julie Leduc. I feel so inclined to let you know that she made the whole difference in my life! Yes in my life!! during the process of refinancing my mortgage, Julie has given me hope, where there was none; she took away fear, anxiety, stress and a very heavy burden from my shoulders. The knowledge this woman has is beyond compare! Wow! Wow! Julie opened doors to a very bright future! Thank you! She took the time to ensure that I understood everything, she used simple words, and walked me through the mortgage process like I have never experienced before. For the first time in my life I understand what is going on with my finances. Imagine!! She has shown extreme professionalism and above average knowledge along the way. She took the time to review my life situation not just sell me a mortgage. She took the time to consider my needs and desires. she established steps to achieve my objectives and implemented a structure and a process to reach my goals. The service Julie offers was done quickly, she stuck to the time frame and it went amazingly well. She went above and beyond the call of duty, this isn’t just her work it is who she is! She truly cares about the client and it shows!! I wish to endorse Julie Leduc as a mortgage broker, she is beyond compare! RF


Mon conjoint Louis et moi avons récemment fait l’achat de notre première maison. Afin d’obtenir une hypothèque, notre agente immobilière nous a référé à Julie Leduc et nous n’avons pas été déçus. Julie est une personne conviviale, attentionnée, toujours prête à répondre à nos questions. Elle nous à guidé tout le long du chemin de la pré-approbation et de l’approbation finale du financement de la maison. Elle nous a obtenu un taux d’intérêt compétitif et ce malgré notre profil d’acheteur un peu hors de l’ordinaire. Elle a communiqué directement avec l’employeur de mon conjoint afin de clarifier des détails dans son contrat et nous a toujours demandé les documents nécessaires bien à l’avance pour nous éviter tout stress. Nous devons surtout remercier Julie pour son aide lors de la date de fermeture lorsqu’il y a eu un retard avec le transfert d’argent de l’hypothèque. Nos avocats nous ont exprimés à quel point ils étaient reconnaissants d’avoir collaboré avec Julie qui était en communication avec nos prêteurs. Nous étions à l’extérieur de la ville, mais nous n’avons pas stressé parce que nous savions que tout était entre de bonnes mains. Nous sommes maintenant les fiers propriétaires de notre première maison. Louis et moi sommes heureux de recommander Julie Leduc pour n’importe quel projet de financement d’achat de propriété. GL et LG

Dear Julie

We wanted to express our gratitude for all of your hard work that has made our dream property a reality. We greatly appreciate your help and guidance through the ups and downs and the whole process! All the best in the future, K and M


December 2015 When my husband and I approached Julie to review our financial situation in Spring we were between a rock and a hard place. We were about to lose our home. We needed help fast! We also knew we needed to face our dilemma and make a conscious decision to keep our home. We began a recovery journey that guaranteed results! We had always been in a difficult place financially and for the first time we began to see hope of real change. Julie’s dedication to making us find success has been an important instrument as was our faith in Jesus Christ. Within a few meetings, we began to see for ourselves the changes that were beginning to take shape. We were not only changing our finances we were also changing our attitude towards it. We began to take full control of our money rather than allow it to control us! Imagine, being controlled by money!!! But we were! Our understanding of becoming free from debt was being shaped, with some effort this would become a reality not just a pipe dream. The key word here was effort! We put in place an emergency fund, and began making a considerable impact on our debt. We were able to pay of more than $10 000 of debt in the first six months! It gets better! Because our credit had been bruised due to our life challenges; Julie gave us strategies to increase our credit rating to a place of success. This was only one of the steps to freedom! Once our credit was re-established and no longer a threat to us, we began our success journey of securing a mortgage for our home to ensure that we would not lose it. Once again we examined different strategies that would increase our chance at becoming completely debt free for life. Within ONE month, a strategy was put in place that would save us $1500 a month! Yes that’s right, $1500 a month that would be used to shape our future. Without a doubt, we were over the top! Dancing was happening if not in the kitchen, for sure in our hearts! Our experience with working with Julie is absolutely fantastic, unique an of immense worth. She is an angel sent to help us in our difficulties. All we needed to do was to step into action. Our journey isn’t over yet, but with just 12 months behind us, we have changed our monthly debt output from 2931.68 to 1696.35 for a difference of $1235.33 per month. The future is so bright we may even be able to retire before long…. IF YOU need help with your finances or your mortgage, you are making a mistake if you do not work with this woman. It has been a true blessing! N and M A.


March 24/2015 Hi Julie, just a quick note to say thanks very much for starting us on our path towards financial reformation. Last week we became effectively DEBT-FREE excepting our mortgage with an end of year bonus my boss gave; and put our emergency fund against it, we’d be clear. Praise God. That’s an exciting threshold – and with all the personal and marriage growth that came with it. Thanks again very much for starting us on this path with your financial counseling, emphasizing one flesh unity in handling our finances and the other key principles. T & L


June, 2016 My experience in working with Julie Leduc as my Mortgage adviser was nothing short of thorough. Julie walked through multiple conversations/meetings with me for both of us to gain a clear understanding of what my present and future needs are. Julie provided a flexible and understanding schedule. From there, Julie put together a clear proposal which facilitated me in achieving all my Mortgage needs. Taking consideration in conversation my responsibilities and helping me feel safe and informed along this journey. Julie’s insights put money back in my pocket! Julie’s wisdom and foresight prepared me as to what to expect along the way with documentation, she left no room for surprises. Julie was always a phone call or email away from a solution. Julie, you represented me very well. Julie was clear as to her expectations from me as her client, set a high standard of professionalism, provided in depth research, while also being personable and relational. I will refer Julie Leduc without any hesitation. A very satisfied customer, I G


“We are really enjoying working with Julie. Her coaching has helped us adopt new financial habits that are now helping us become debt free! The encouragement she has given us along the way has been invaluable as we continue to work towards our goals. We could not have done this on our own, and having someone to walk by us during this journey has been a blessing.” Have a great afternoon, A.

We met Julie Leduc

at a trade show and decided to meet with her to look at our options for renewing our mortgage. Julie was exceptional in dealing with us. From the beginning we felt that we can trust her to do what is best for us where our mortgage is concerned. She gave us sound, cost saving advice and answered our questions promptly and professionally, but also very graciously. We highly recommend her. She is very trustworthy. J M P


Julie Leduc is a wonderful person and fantastic coach! She has saved us from self-destruction. Now, we are well on our way to being debt free ? we have learned how to live within our means, SAVE and no more credit cards! This is what freedom feels like. Thank You Julie.


April 2015 Feel doubly blessed because we are DEBT FREE as well as have a h3 financial plan to follow! Julie did more than give us a spending plan. She truly showed she cares deeply for us as a couple and wanted to ensure we both felt heard and encouraged we move in the direction that was best for us. She sometimes had to put her approach aside to allow Sandy and I to express our desired plans for the future. She has left a lasting impression to only on our finances but on our overall wellbeing as a couple. We will be forever grateful! Julie, Thank you for speaking the truth and helping us grow in many areas of our lives. May God bless you as you bless others! KS W